What is the roles and responsibilities of PHP developer?

As Senior PHP Developer at, you'll write clean, maintainable and performance PHP code and work with our product team to create great products for our customers. You'll be involved in the entire product lifecycle including the design, development, deployment and maintenance of new and existing features. You'll also produce detailed specifications. Your code will be written in a timely and scalable way all while ensuring strong optimization. Ultimately, your work will impact the code-base of our products in a meaningful way. You'll be our go-to person for all PHP projects and you'll be an integral part of the product team.

• You have experience with writing PHP.

• You have experience with at least one PHP framework like Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, or an understanding of PHP-based open source projects like Joomla or Drupal.

• You're familiar with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript.

• You know how to work with common third-party APIs (Google, Facebook, Youtube).

• You're analytical and good at time management.

• You have great communication and problem-solving skills.

• You're curious about new technologies and you're excited to find ways to implement them in your work.

PHP developers create and design web programming. Some common tasks can include meeting with clients to discuss their programming needs, writing code for websites, testing website applications, working with graphic designers to determine website layout and monitoring web traffic.

There are certain qualities that good PHP developers possess, and these should be included in your PHP developer job description. Developers must be very detail oriented because one little error could cause issues with an entire webpage. They also must be able to concentrate for long periods of time to write involved code.

PHP developers should be creative and also able to interact with people in a polite and communicative way. If you are wondering how to include these qualities and other important elements naturally in your PHP developer job description, consult the following example.

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PHP Developer Job Summary

Do you take pride in your web development ability? Would you like to use your skills in an energetic atmosphere? We are looking for the right PHP developer for our team. Working closely with the development team lead, you will be able to work independently to create code and add value to the project team. You will be working with a team of hardworking, creative programmers and developers, and as a result you will have the opportunity to grow professionally and refine your skills. We reward hard work with a healthy salary, annual bonuses, an employer-matched 401k, health and dental insurance.

Job Responsibilities

  • Build, test and set up cutting-edge website applications in an efficient matter; work with other developers to fill data acquisition requirements
  • Identify and fix CSS, HTML and scripting compatibility issues between a variety of platforms and browsers; test websites on different browsers and mobile device browsers; correct problems identified by customer feedback
  • Investigate and discover architectural considerations, such as web usability, site performance and database design, as part of the system design process; research and assess implementation alternatives for new application features
  • Collaborate and communicate with development teams and management to resolve conflicts, prioritize needs, choose solutions or develop content criteria
  • Develop procedures for ongoing website revision; recommend performance improvements; create and refine style guidelines for website content; select design tools, programming languages or applications
  • Provide detailed explanations of website specifications, such as activities, software, product features, programming languages, communication protocols and operating systems hardware and software
  • Remain up to date about current programming practices and web technologies through reading, continuing education opportunities or participation in professional workshops, groups or conferences

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Proficient in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and HTML
  • Demonstrated attention to detail
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills


  • Experience in the direct marketing industry
  • Photoshop or any design tool experience
  • Familiar running a NGINX and Apache web server

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PHP Developer Job Responsibilities

Writing a strong responsibilities section is essential to draw in the right applicants when creating a PHP developer job description. To ensure the list is thorough, begin by talking to the company’s senior PHP developer or the person who will lead the team to find out what the most important duties are. Using bullet points, list those duties at the beginning to ensure applicants see them right away. Avoid beginning your bullets with phrases such as “responsible for” because they tend to make it harder for applicants to imagine themselves performing the tasks. Work to make this section the most detailed without creating something overwhelming.

As you write, remember the responsibilities section is the most important in your PHP developer job description. Failure to put enough work into the section often means applicants won’t have a good understanding of the position. This may prevent qualified applicants from becoming interested enough to apply and might even leave you with an inbox full of applicants who don’t understand the responsibilities of the position for which they are applying.

Consider these common PHP developer job responsibilities when writing your own bullet list:

  • Design, develop or modify software systems to create products that better meet the needs of the company
  • Create testing procedures and carry them out to validate programming, documentation and procedures
  • Troubleshoot and maintain core databases and software to ensure optimal functionality
  • Supervise programmers, IT specialists and other technologists to create superior software products
  • PHP Developer Job Specifications

    Job specifications are just as important to the job description as is the list of responsibilities. When writing a list of qualifications to include in your PHP developer job description, always list the non-negotiable requirements first. Typically, this includes education, certification and experience. If there are other qualifications the hiring manager would prefer but does not require, list them in a separate section and indicate that applicants who fit those qualifications take precedence.

    Never skip writing the qualifications and skills section. Without a clear list of what you expect from applicants, you are likely to receive dozens or even hundreds of emails, many of which from people who don’t have the skills necessary to carry out the tasks listed in the responsibilities section. A clear list ensures you save time for jobseekers as well as for yourself as you read through resumes submitted via your PHP developer job description.

    When writing your list of PHP developer job specifications, use this example list for inspiration:

    Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science required Strong understanding of Laravel, MySQL, MariaDB and other tools and concepts related to the position Proven experience in software development using PHP Self-starter with strong attention to detail is a must Knowledge of DynamoDB, EMR and RDS preferred

    What is the main role of PHP?

    PHP is a server-side scripting language embedded in HTML in its simplest form. PHP allows web developers to create dynamic content and interact with databases. PHP is known for its simplicity, speed, and flexibility — features that have made it a cornerstone in the web development world.

    What are the roles and responsibilities of developer?

    Work with developers to design algorithms and flowcharts..
    Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications..
    Integrate software components and third-party programs..
    Verify and deploy programs and systems..
    Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software..
    Gather and evaluate user feedback..

    What are the roles and responsibilities of junior PHP developer?

    Junior PHP Developer Responsibilities You'll be involved in the entire product lifecycle including the design, development, deployment and maintenance of new and existing features. You'll also produce detailed specifications. Your code will be written in a timely and scalable way all while ensuring strong optimization.

    What is PHP developer skills?

    PHP developer skills are abilities you can utilize as a web developer specializing in using PHP to write code for server-side applications. Beyond the knowledge and understanding of the PHP language, a PHP developer can also use skills in other programming and web development languages in a PHP development role.